Integrated solutions for the semiconductor industry
Tratamiento de Gases
Iberica Vacuum offers the broadest range of exhaust management technologies, demonstrated in a series of products and systems designed to meet all customers requirements - from low-cost facility management to full enviromental protection. We are committed to supplying exhaust management systems that match customer specific application requirements.

From Thermal Processing, where effective exhaust management of CVD must be able to handle the deposition gases and the associated powders, to Gas Reactor Columns and Wet Scrubbers, Iberica Vacuum are dedicated to providing to their customers exhaust management at minimal cost for preservation of assets and regulatory compliance. The Atlas range is the latest addition to the inward fired combustor range available in TPU, TCS and Kronos variants.

Vacuum equipment and exhaust management devices are traditionally installed side-by-side, beneath the process tool. The Zenith range now offers a series of process-specific, fully integrated vacuum pump and exhaust management systems designed to safely handle the process exhausts from a wide range of applications.
Integrated Vacuum
The Zenith range is a ground breaking series of process-specific combined vacuum and exhaust management systems, providing enhanced safety, process tool compatibility, minimum footprint and reduced cost of ownership. Developed in cooperation with the OEMs to assure appropriate pumping and abatement solutions, a centralized control strategy allows for energy conservation through Active Utility Control. As a single extracted cabinet with single utility connection Zenith represents the most cost-effective method of providing protection in the event of leakage as only one extraction connection is required compared to multiple enclosures. Other benefits include lower installation costs, shorter installation time and full compliance to national and international electrical and safety standards and SEMI® S2-0303.
Inward Fired Combustors
Atlas: the range of combustion gas abatement solutions that offers semiconductor manufacturers reduced operating costs and enhanced ease-of-use. Atlas? systems have low fuel consumption compared with previous-generation gas abatement devices and utilize proven Alzeta? inward-fired combustor technology to achieve significantly reduced costs of ownership. With one to six inlets with a number of options, including a temperature management system (TMS), they can reach a flow capacity of up to 600 slm and they offer enhanced ease-of-use and more efficient maintenance.
Thermal Processing
Iberica Vacuum offers their customers electrically-heated oxidation systems for the removal of pyrophoric and acidic gases commonly found in semiconductor applications. The HOx (Hot Oxidation System) offers an innovative electrical heated oxidation unit and the proven three-stage wet scrubber of the combustor product line, it combines superior performance for the abatement of CVD processes in facilities which do not have the ability to fuel gas.
Gas Reactor Column
Iberica Vacuum offers a range of low-cost, point of use dry abatement systems for semiconductor processing. Each system uses the unique hot bed reactor technology developed for the GRC (Gas Reactor Column) range. The inline 250 is the highest performance of any dry abatement technology for etch exhausts. It provides treatment by chemical reaction to stable inert salts and treats the widest range of gases from halogens and acids to CIF3, NF3, SF3 and other halide etch compounds. The The M150 Single GRC is a compact dry gas treatment system for removing hazardous etch and CVD emissions at the source, converting them into harmless solids within an easily changed and disposable cartridge.
Wet Scrubbers
Iberica Vacuum offers point-of-use water absorption scrubbers. Systems are suitable for the treatment of exhaust streams containing water-soluble and water-reactive gases and provide exhaust management at minimal cost for preservation of assets and regulatory compliance. Tempest is a point of use wet scrubber suitable for the treatment of semiconductor process tool exhausts containing water-soluble and water-reactive gases.
Exhaust Pipe Heating
Iberica Vacuum offers TMS (Temperature Management System) for processes involving condensable solids. TMS ensures that these compounds remain volatile until they enter abatement device. The TMS is designed to heat both forelines and pump exhaust lines to the inlet of the abatement device. Moulded high surface area heaters maximize contact with pipes and are designed to maintain the temperature of the pipe between 90° and 150°C. TMS monitoring is available as an option to provide both local and remote verification that the line is at a sufficient temperature. TMS has been successfully used in conjuction with the entire range of Edwards exhaust management equipment to alleviate the problems historically associated with solid deposition and corrosion.
Exhaust Conditioning
The range of exhaust conditioning products includes the Pyrophoric Conditioning System (PCS) for the self oxidation of silane, the Water Cooled Exhaust Trap (WCT) for LPCVD nitride processes and the Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP) for additional powder removal. For the removal of silane and pyrophoric gases to below explosion level (LEL) the PCS (Polyphoric Conditioning System offers and advanced solution. Specifically designed for the safe handling of silane, the PCS incorporates a unique partcle hadling system to keep ducts free from powders.
Spectra Series
The Spectra series is a cost effective, reliable, high performance exhaust treatment solution for the latest generation Flat Panel Display (FPD), Solar and MOCVD manufacturing processes. The unique 4-stage combustion system of the Spectra-G ensures that oxidation of silane occurs in the middle of the combustion zone, away from the inlets, hence preventing the deposition of oxide powders on the combustor nozzles and maximizing uptime. The high gas capacity of the Spectra-G allows up to six production MOCVD tools to be connected. Each individual inlet allows each exhaust to act independently, thereby reducing capital and running costs. The unique 4-stage combustion system of the Spectra-Z ensures that oxidation of silane occurs in the middle of the combustion zone, away from the inlets, hence preventing the deposition of silica powders on the combustor nozzles.
Plasma Exhaust Systems
Innovative plasma exhaust management solutions specifically designed for both the CVD and etch markets. High performance abatement for a wide range of process gas flows within semiconductor and solar industries. Designed for low cost-of-ownership, the Sirius 6000 system addresses greenhouse gas abatement challenges arising from dielectric and polysilicon etch processes used in semiconductor manufacturing. Its innovative design uses an energy efficient microwave plasma in a carefully controlled chemical environment and an integrated wet scrubber to reduce fab greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 95 percent over a wide range of total flow rates and perfluorocompound (PFC) concentrations.